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Hundreds of our Show Boards and thousands more of our pictures have been used to auction & market vehicles at Barrett Jackson, Russo & Steele, Mecum, Leak, Owels Head and other auction events.

Over $17 Million

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Custom Show Boards and Pictures by Palmieri Concepts Design Studio

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Palmieri Concepts Design Studio transforms photographs into custom artwork as pictures, posters, showboards and other unique products. We work with photographs of your automobiles, motorcycles, and other vehicles, including aircraft. Our specialty is creating some of the most unique artwork in the that has been displayed by our clients at major automotive events, museums, exclusive collections and auctions. Many of our clients are enthusiasts that want to make their vehicle stand out at cruise night and shows, and want to have a best of show automotive showboard to complement their vehicle. Our world wide clients include car collectors, custom car manufacturers and automotive suppliers. Our custom posters, show car signs, poster boards, show boards, car show display boards and pictures have been displayed globally and seen on television.

For the business owner, auction consignor, and those selling a vehicle, we can help your

vehicle get the attention it deserves by adding the sizzle that will make it stand out. See our "Business Services" section and the Auction section, where creativity and imagination provides you with artwork that can be used for trade show displays, posters, business cards, postcards, and other literature that will get the attention of your customers and dress up your show room.

Don't just display a picture. Display a custom picture done just for you.

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"Auction II " Series Show Boards


"Classic Gold" Series Show Boards

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After many hours of hard work, showcase your progress with one of our Progress or Timeline Showboards for all to see. These boards display a timeline of progress, or a diagram of special modifications.

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What makes Palmieri Concepts different from our competition is each one of our showboards, car display boards and pictures are custom for you. We work with you to understand "your needs" and not force you to a one size fits all template.

Let us create a custom masterpiece just for you, that will stand out.


  • Our Goal is to maintain our 100% Customer Satisfaction with a guarantee (click here for many customer testimonials, including Ebay)
  • We value your privacy and do not share your email address or other private information (see our privacy policy and picture use terms)
  • Verified business with Paypal and Ebay, so your online payments are safe, secure and easy
  • Creating your masterpiece is so easy. Send us your pictures and we do the rest - If you are local we can even take the pictures
  • All Prints are printed on professional quality photographic paper, with 100 year UV protected inks
  • Image files available for your web page, inclusion in literature, or for you to make unlimited prints
  • Take advantage of our extensive experience with Collector Cars, Muscle Cars, Hot Rods, Vintage Cars, Motorcycles and Imports vehicles.
  • We have been an avid car enthusiast and collector for over 40 years, so we do understand your needs!
  • Products range from custom showboards, poster boards, story boards, signs, pictures, posters, trading cards, flyers, tee-shirts, calendars magnets and much much more with an extensive poster and show board examples gallery.

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Custom Postcards & Trading Cards with YOUR car!

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Once your photographs are transformed into unique works of art, they can be used in many other creative Palmieri Concepts products. Examples include automotive showboards, car display signs, calendars, magnets and T-shirts.

Custom Car Magnets

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Our custom magnets and dash plaques will complement your display and shows that you took the effort to make your display even more unique.


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"DO NOT TO STEP" Magnets

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Tired of People Stepping On Your Running Boards?

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NOTE: All images of the cars, logos, etc. used on these pages were provided by the customers. Because of trade mark restrictions, we DO NOT provide trademarked or copyrighted logos (or images) for use on your designs. However, if you provide pictures of your emblems, badges or logos from your car or property that "you own" we will try to incorporate them. All emblems/badges/logos or other trade marked images used on this site have been provided by customers for their designs exclusively.

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Palmieri Concepts is not affiliated with General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, or any other company, or endorsed by any of these companies. Any pictures or trademarks used, depict items that are on the car, or the owner has the permission to use and were provided by the owner (not provided by Palmieri Concepts). Palmieri Concepts does not provide any trademarked/copyrighted images.shelby strips image

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