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- Custom Pictures and Art by Palmieri Concepts -

Special Edition Classic Car Picture Collection

Vintage Cars at Service Station

ONLY 200 Prints of each will be produced- get yours now!

For the serious car enthusiast, here is a collection of simulated paintings set in a classic service station background. The process for creation was to take actual photographs of these special cars, then using computer graphic tools create these images.

These pictures will definitely enhance your wall and be very unique. The artwork is printed on 11"x14" matte finish paper. These pictures have an added three dimensional effect due to a special hand applied surface coating that creates brush strokes making it look like an artist spent many hours creating your one-of-a-kind picture.


The completed pictures below are $30 each (+ 6.25% sales tax for MA residents)

- For custom pictures with your car see below for pricing -

Contact us about multiple picture discounts

Shipping anywhere in the continental US is $12 (email for other shipping costs)

Use the Buy Now Button at the bottom of this page to make a purchase.

- Custom Pictures -

If there is a car/year that you are interested email us with your request. We can create one of these pictures with your cars starting at $45 (for a single car, additional cars or logos are extra). Just ask.

We start with photographs of your vehicle, then using computer graphic tools create the painting like images. Note that the images are designed to look very close to a painting so they have a brush tip texture to them and are printed out on a high quality printer. We then apply by hand special surface coating that creates brush strokes making it look like an artist spent many hours creating your one-of-a-kind picture. The images can be customized to include logos, text, or just about what ever you like

1969 mach 1  picture

M2-Mustangs-1969's At The Garage

This is a larger example showing some of the detail to the pictures.

Just like taking a paint brush and creating a masterpieces with every detail of your vehicle. The picture has the look and feel of a painting. It can not be seen on the picture here, but the surface has a special hand brush applied surface coating that produces a finish with a brush texture creating a 3-dimensional surface as you would see on a painting. Note that just like with a canvas print or watercolor on paper print, this will need to be mounted in a frame or on another surface to keep it flat since the texturing causes the print to slightly distort and curl . It is normal for a mounted print to still have some distortion adding to the 3-dimensional effect. Often a frosted glass in a frame adds to the 3-dimensional effect.

early mustang images

M1-Mustangs-The Early Years

mach 1 mustang images

M3-Mustangs-1969-70 Mach 1's

late mode mustangs image

M4-Mustangs- Later On

2005 2007 mustang images

M5-Mustangs-The New Generation

1964 to 1970 Classic Mustang Collections

1964 mustang coupe, convertible

C64 - 1964 - Coupes & Convertible Mustangs

1965 mustang coupe, convertible , fastback image

C65- 1965 - Coupe, 2+2 Fastback, & Convertible Mustangs

1966 mustang coupe, convertible , fastback image

C66- 1966 - Coupe, Fastback & Convertible Mustangs

1967 mustang coupe, convertible , fastback, GTA  image

C67- 1967 - Coupe, Fastback, GTA, & Convertible Mustangs

1968 mustang coupe, convertible , fastback, california Special  image

C68- 1968 - Coupe, California Special, Fastback & Convertible Mustangs

1969 mustang coupe, convertible , boss 302, mach 1  image

C69- 1969 - Coupe, Mach 1, Boss 302 & Convertible Mustangs


1970  mustang boss 429, boss 302, mach 1  image

C70- 1970 - Boss 429, Boss 302, Mach 1 & Convertible Mustangs


Other Classic Vehicle

1955 Porsche Spyder

O1- 1955 Porsche Garage




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