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- Classic Car Pictures and Art by Palmieri Concepts -

Classic Car Magnets & Dash Plaques

Custom Dash Plaques for Car Shows and Individual Cars

Make Your Car Stand Out At the Next Show and

Remind People "Not to Touch" Your Vehicle

Custom dash Plaques

Do NOT display a Generic Magnet - Display a custom one with YOUR Vehicle!

Many people are so intrigued by your vehicle that that want to take an even closer look. However, this interest often causes them to get too close. Our magnets and dash plaques are a polite way to remind them not to touch, while at the same time making your car even more unique.

You can use the same picture that is on your Palmieri Concepts show board and T-shirt to make a "Complete Show Display" that is all tied together.

PHOTO DASH PLAQUES- Are heavy gloss photograph quality prints that can be placed on your dash or other surface. From small business card sizes to approximately 5"x8" or 8"x10". These are available individually as well as in large quantities.

MAGNETS- The pictures are printed on a thin flexible magnet material with a clear protective lamination over the front surface to protect it. These are available individually, and only in small quantities of 20 or less.

You Can customize the 2 lines with your own saying


To order a magnet or dash plaque. Select any of our stock pictures or use a Palmieri Concepts picture that we did just for you and have it turned into a magnet. We can also do a full custom design for you with pictures of your vehicle.




Make Your Car Stand Out At the Next Show and

Remind People Not to Touch Your Vehicle

Standard size is approximately 3"x4" - Sold in sets of 2 and available up to 8"x10"

car show dash plaques

The larger 5x8 and 8x10 Dash Plaques can have multiple pictures

"do not touch" magnets

Tired of People Stepping On Your Running Boards?

Dress Up Your Rod and Remind People


Place these on the running boards of your car to remind spectators not to step on your valuable running boards to get a closer look. These magnets will stick to any metal surface.

For fiberglass running boards, cut a piece of metal to stick the magnet to and place the metal on your running boards to keep them from blowing away.

Standard size is approximately 5"x8" - Sold in sets of 2 and available 3"x4" to 8"x10"

Do not step magnets

Background colors are adjusted to complement the vehicle color.


Generic Version with the Universal Symbol

Standard white background, or color of your choice to complement the vehicle color.

DO not step universal symbol magnet

Car Show Photo Laminated Dash Plaques

Are you having a car Show or other Event?

Want a custom dash Plaque that Owners will use over and over and not just stick in their garage?

Our Photo Laminated Dash Plaques are the answer!

Approximately 3.25" x 3.25" (may vary by about .25" each) - Bigger than most plaques out there

Photographic quality printing, so NO limit on colors or design

High quality photograph image with flexible plastic lamination on front and back.

Use the template below, or have a fully custom one designed

Optional printing on back (such as show sponsors or other key info)

No Minimum order


Car Show Dash Plaques are Temporarily Unavailable

PLEASE NOTE that at this time, we can not do large quantity Car Show dash plaques.



These are 2 stock designs that you can put your show info on.

custom car Show dash Plaques

All work is based upon a quote. Price guidelines are as follows:

Artwork fee may be applicable depending on what design work is required.

Note that these are not magnets, do not have an adhesive on the back, and are photo laminated similar to drivers license.

Contact us with any questions you have.



Magnetic material is not perfectly smooth. Sometimes, especially with larger magnetics, there can be a few tiny bumps.

Prices are based upon a stock picture, or a picture being used for another product such as a picture, show board, etc. Custom artwork is extra. NOTE: If you are interested in a full custom Magnet, the total cost would be the price for an 8"x10" plus the cost of the Magnet. You would receive both the photograph and magnet pair. Refer to the pricing sheet for cost

Magnet Use

  • Use caution when magnets are placed on a painted surface.. A magnet, or any other item when paced on the paint, or other surface can get very hot in the sun and damage the surface underneath. Our recommendation is not to use the magnets in direct sunlight on a painted surface. Magnets can be clipped to windows or placed in engine bay or trunk areas that will not be damaged by heat.
  • In some cases when the paint on the vehicle is thick (i.e. many coats of paint) the adhesion strength of the magnet to stick may not be strong and it may slip down on vehicle surfaces.
  • The magnets are laminated with a plastic covering to protect them. Excessive heat can damage your magnet. WARNING- Do not store in an excessively hot area.