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Just a few of the many

Customer Feedback & Comments

we have received

Palmieri Concepts prides itself on customer satisfaction and making sure that EVERY customer is happy with what they get. Below are just "a few" of our customer quotes that we have received from our customers all over North America. Also see what our Ebay Customers say. See our feedback on Ebay by clicking here.

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~~~~~~ Car Club Support Events~~~~~

When we can, we try to support various causes throughout the year. These a re just a few of the car clubs and causes that we have supported. Check out these links.

Mr. Palmieri has been a guest speaker at various car clubs. Take a look at one club newsletter at the 2006 summer take a look at page 5.

~~~~~~ Business clients ~~~~~

We have worked with many businesses all over the US. This is just a sampling of our work:

"In all my years of collecting cars you've [referring to Tony at Palmieri Concepts] been there from the beginning and is been a great working relationship... [designed many many auction showboards, postcards, and thousands of custom pictures for MS Classic cars and have worked with Marc since 2005). Thanks, Marc Schiliro, MS CLASSIC CARS, Seakonk, MA"

" Tony, You have some of the best service I have ever experienced! Thanks" Bryan Frank, [helped with the marketing of 12 cars he auctioned at Barret Jackson Orange County and Las Vegas events- designed custom 12 showboards, and designed all of the pictures to be in the auction guide magazine and on the BJ web site] Frank Motors, Scottsbluff, NE

"Over a year ago I began researching the cost, the time, all the particulars of getting a show board manufactured, I am a designer, but I had never designed a show board for an auto show before. I asked Palmieri Concepts online for a quote and I received a response immediately- Automated yes but a personal response followed shortly. All of my questions were answered, and pricing was communicated clear and effectively. My client decided almost a year later that she was ready to print and purchase the show board. I remembered Palmieri Concepts right away because they checked in with me from time to time during the lag time. Palmieri honored the original quote, took special care because my client needed it right away (of course) ...and it was just before a holiday weekend! The show board was delivered on time, and looked beautiful.... If I were asked to rate/grade the quality of service and product I received from Tony and Palmieri Concepts I would give an A+++ and I highly recommend them to one and all! Thank you again!, Jodie Smith, CA

"Tony, Just opened the package. That board is killer! I really appreciate your efforts and the enthusiasm you put towards your product." [Museum Plaque board, and posters], ScottW, Wagner Classic cars

"Tony, Everything turned out great. I'm sure we'll do business again. I appreciate your attention to detail and professionalism!" [custom board poster for an auction], ScottW, Wagner Classic cars


"Tony Thanks for working with us. You do a great job and your service is outstanding. BryanF, Frank Motors, [helped with the marketing of 23 cars he will auction at the October 2008 Barret Jackson Las Vegas event- designed custom 23 showboards, 23 flyer/postcard designs to give out, and designed all of the pictures to be in the auction guide magazine and on the BJ web site] Scottsbluff, NE

"Tony, the board and picture arrived today and they look great. My customer is going to love them. I enjoyed working with you on this, and thanks for designing such a great looking board and your professional service" [showboard and picture for a customer that purchased a car from them] MelissaG, Muscle Car Garage, Wayne, NJ

All of the fireworks pictures on their web site, showboards, flyers, etc. were done by us........ Their site is and you will see us in the referrals section

Here is a comment on one clients web site "Palmieri Concepts - Custom Show Boards - These guys are awesome." [ We designed 2 custom signs for their business] Take a look at their web page:, and see the hot rod girls holding out signs on our customer cars web page Click here

We have done numerous showboards for SS Motorsports of Sarasotra, including the Mike Alstott Extreme Camaro, and numerous SEMA featured car boards. In our showboard section, you will see many of the examples we did for them, all with the SS logo on the board. Their site is: and you will see us in the Friends Links section

~~~~~~ Individual clients ~~~~~

"Tony,Just a quick note to let you know that we received the show board safe and sound yesterday. It looks fantastic! This will be a great addition to the car at shows this summer. I passed along a couple of your business info cards to fellow car show friends.
Thanks again Tony! Sincerely, Ron & Sue, WI"

"Tony, It (Auction II board) arrived today and all looks well! The board looks great and I think it will help the car stand out at the auction..... Thanks again for all of your help on this! Thanks, Ben, TX"

"Thank you Tony,  your work is perfect, Steve, MA" 

"Tony, Just got home and looked at the prints. They are perfect. Thank you so much for the whole transaction. From giving me your ideas, to the execution and speedy delivery. They could not have turned out better. Again thank you. Jim"

"Hi Tony, I got the boards [large and small boards and pictures] and have opened them... They are... WOW!!!! What a great job. Thank you........Again thanks, they are exactly what I had hoped for & my hubby was nicely surprised with the mini board, pics & cover, Marsha, Carrollton, VA"

"Tony- Just received the board [classic gold] and picture- absolutely love it!!!! Excellent craftsmanship and work. It was a pleasure working with you! Thanks, Kevin, Waynesboro, VA"

"Hi Tony, I just received the boards[multiple auction II boards], they are beautiful. You captured exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much for all your hard work. Feel free to use me as a reference and I will get you those pictures of the boards with the car at Russo and Steele for you. Thanks again, Rick,Meredith, NH"

"Tony, The poster is amazing. I just love it. Thank you so much. I will be staying in touch for a possible order for my moms car. Thanks again Tony you did such an amazing job. Couldnt be happier. Tiff, DOUGLAS, WY

"Hi Tony! In a word, AWESOME! I love the matte finish[Super Classic series showboard], the mirror reflection under the car, and how you eliinated the background from the windows of the car and replaced it with the palm trees. You are definitely an artist! The glossy poster is fantastic, I am very happy! Thanks so much for your hard work, professionalism and generosity (a great deal!)......." Sincerely, Patrick Royalston, MA

"Hey Tony.. I just got home and had picked up the mail from the mailbox....they're here[a set of 7 custom pictures of his 2 Shelby Mustangs]. The package showed no signs of wear and tear from it's trip from Mass. And I gotta tell you, they're everything you said they'd be.....and more. They are absolutely beautiful. I can't wait to get them framed and hung up in my car storage area. Thanks again for a fantastic job." Dick, Highland, NY

"Tony, It [custom showbooard] looks awesome. Thank you for the extra picture. It was a pleasure doing business with you again[been a repeat customer for many years]. Have a great night! Sincerely, Ron" Presscott Valley, AZ

"Tony, I just came in from work and checked the board out, I have to say, you did a great job on the board! I am very happy at the way it turned out! I will recommend anyone I come across that is looking for a show board to you, once again thank you again for doing such a great job" Regards, Terry, Windham, NY

"We received the sign and it is fantastic. Thank you for the quality design and product." Thanks, Candace, Rancho Cordova, CA

"WOW. It [showboard and poster] looks awesome!! Can't thank u enough for the time and work you put into this poster and board!!! I have a few other cars I want to do now as well. Will send you some pics and info soon to get the ball rolling!!" Thanks, Mike, Dallas Texas

"Hi Tony! We are thrilled to get it! You have made this so much fun and easy that I am amazed! We have been wanting to do this [showboard and pictures] for a few years but every time we would see a vendor, such as yourself at a car show, they just did not feel right, too busy, hard to deal with, but you and your website are so user friendly with the examples that we can look at and your ideas and come up with our own ideas, working very closely with us and very professional and working with YOU has been amazing. I really mean all of that. Thank you..... you are awesome! .......You have been wonderful to work with!"

Follow-up email to the above.. "we love the one you made for us. It is of high quality and perfect! Tony, again, thank you very much for your great customer service and expertise. You made this process wonderful and we love the show board and now the truck can tell it’s story at the car shows." Tammy and Mike D, Olympia, WA

"Tony, Just to let you know, I just recieved the poster (classic seried showboard) and it looks even bettter then I thought!! Great work.Thanks," Ed L, Petaluma, CA

"It [showboard and pictures] looks awesome. It was packed really well. It arrived in great condition. Thanks again for everything. I will pass out your info to other car people. TylerW, Independence, KY

".......they are absolutely beautiful. I will certainly be doing business with you in the future. I can't wait until Christmas when my guy opens them. I will let you know his reaction. I am sure he will be thrilled. Thank you so much for all your help." [4 custom pictures and magnets] ConnieB, Warsaw, IN

"Tony, The board arrived on Thursday. ..... The board looks great. Have a charity show next weekend in Springfield Mo, so we will get to use it then. Thanks for going far beyond my expectations." [Museum Plaque Showboard, repeat customer] DanP, Rogers, AR

"Tony, Superb service and workmanship. The boards are "TOP NOTCH"!! Thanks for the excellent communication as well. The big car show is October 24, 2010. You forgot to throw in some of you
business cards/brochures.........I might be able to get you some business. If you have a chance shoot/mail some down to me. Thanks [2 Museum Plaque showboards, and custom pictures] Brud
R, Nanette Richardson Fine Art, San Antonio, TX

"Tony, The board arrived today. It is AWESOME. My son thinks it looks great. I appreciate the work and the quick turn around. Thanks" [museum plaque showboard, cover and 2 custom pics] DanP, Rogers, AR

"Tony, Thanks, I expected a hell of a lot and got everything I hoped for and more." [museum plaque showboard and 4 custom pictures] CharlesG, Petersburg, IL

"Tony, I received the showboard this afternoon. I wasn't home, but my wife was. When I got home, I opened it and its looks GREAT!!!!!! Really pleased with it. Will take picture of the car with the poster in front of it for you. Thanks again for the great work!"[classic series Showboard] John, Randolph, NJ

"I can personally vouch for Tony. He did an awesome one for me for one of my customers. And even more impressive, he did it in a big hurry and then overnighted it to me so we would have it for a big show the car was going to. I believe in his work to the point that I have a link on my website. Do me a favor........ DougL, Classic Collision and Restoration. ....... See his actuual writeup here:

" Tony, Everything arrived timely and with no damage. We just opened the show board and set it up on the display easel. Wow, it looks great! The quality is above and beyond our expectations. The additional posters and 8 X 10's are of the highest quality as well. I cannot thank you enough. ..... You have been, without a doubt, one of the most efficient professionals I have ever worked with. The quality of your work speaks for itself. I look forward to working with you on other projects in the near future." [showboard, poster, prints] ReneeA, Anderson Bros Nostalgic Pontiac Racing, RIVERSIDE, CA

"Hi Tony, Thank you for all your extra efforts to make the posters outstanding! I........ I am looking forward to working with you on many future posters. Best Regards, [2 custom posters for Barrett Jackson, Shelby Series 1 Playboy Car", JimG, Phoenix, AZ

"Tony at (Palmieri Concepts )did an awesome job on my showboard. His web-site holds a lot of helpful information especially the tips on taking photo's and what text to include. He had it complete just a few days after I sent the photo's. Thanks Tony!!" PaulS, Tampa, FL. See the comments by some of my clients here in the vintage Mustang Fourm.

"Tony, I've been meaning to send you an e-mail to just say WOW! They look great. I had the smaller ones, and the medium sized ones put into some black frames and they really look good. ....... Thanks again. I am very, very pleased. Have a great Holiday!" [Museum Showboard, Posters, and custom pictures] JohnC, Lake Havasu City, AZ

"Hi. I just got home and unpacked them. They are truly works of art. ........ Thanks again and have a great and safe holiday, [GT500 Museum Plaque showboard, Roush Classic Showboard, and custom pictures] KathieP, BROOKSVILLE, FL

"Hi Tony, Just unpacked the show board. It looks Great!! Many thanks for the beautiful work! Next time I need another show board, I will certainly contact you, Best," [showboard] DavidP, Pewaukee, WI

"Tony, I did get everything today and I'm very happy! ..........Thank you for the follow up. I know I've said this a million times but you are hands down the most efficient person I've ever worked with! I really appreciate all your help over the years. Thanks again! [showboard and auction postcards], MarcS, Portsmouth, RI

"Tony , The boards are outstanding. I will make sure I send you pictures that I take of the display at the show. Many thanks. [Classic and mini-classic showboards, and 3 custom pictures] DickP, Valley, NE

"Tony, The shipment was dropped off....... I will be purchasing frames for the poster/2 pictures. The car/showboards will be in the Pleasanton Good Guys show. I am very satisfied with everything, and will definitely pass the word to other "car guys" concerning your professionalism and the quality of your products. I will also be purchasing more "stuff" from you in the future. Thanks again, [Classic and mini-classic showboards, photo poster, and 2custom pictures) BillF, Sacramento, CA

"I just wanted to tell you that my boyfriend absolutely loved the calendars. Thanks for the great present." ShellieL, Chadron, NE

"Yes it [custom pictures] arrived early and in great condition. He loved it!!!! I'm so glad I found Palmieri Concepts on the internet!! Thanks again, KathyW, Salyersville

"We received the board and magnet and it looks fantastic! My father is going to love it. Thanks again for your time that was put into this." AndreaW, Bennington, NE

"I have to say Tony - you do amazing work! Everything was in order, came through the shipping great and looks absolutely great. Again it was nice doing business with you! From a very satisfied customer. [long time repeat customers, this order was for 4 showboards, 1000 postcards to be used at the Jan 09 Barrett Jackson Auction]MikeW, HIGHLAND VILLAGE TX

"Hi, I just got home a little while ago and saw the board and pics. They looking amazing!!!...... I want to thank you again for all your hard work and for getting this done in time for me. It has been a true pleasure doing business with you. You’re one of the most professional and friendliest people I’ve ever dealt with. I’ll definitely send you pics from the show." [showboard and pictures] ChristyR, Stafford, VA

"Thanks Tony, the board looks fantastic-can't wait to use it...... Also heard from the painter who loved his[poster]-he was very impressed with the quality and was going to show it to others..." [showboard, pictures, and posters of the boardsent to the paint shop and restorer] SteveB, Bethesda, MD

"Tony.........You're a Genius and I certainly hope your business prospers! I will be one heck of a spokesperson for you. I am thrilled with the layout!!!!!!!!!!!!" BillS

"Tony: Fantastic......Maybe I should just give you my credit card & you can let me know when it's
maxed out! Wow!" JimS [Multiple boards, posters, pictures and flyers] Balasm Lake, WI

"Hi Tony, Yes, the board was delivered today. It looks first class as expected! Thanks so much.... Again, a beautiful job! I will be proud to display and pass out your advertising cards as well. I will send you pics at the shows with your boards. We would welcome to see them on your site! Your the best Tony! Sincerely, RonT" [repeat customer]Balasm Lake, WI

"The cars are shined and ready to go, thanks again for making this happen. The kind of service you provide is rare these days. [repeat customer, just purchased 2 more Museum boards for a fathers day show and we needed to make this happen in a very short time] BruceC, Mullica Hill, NJ

"Tony, I just wanted to say thank you for the 99 corvette picture. I have the exact auto including the wheels and love it. Picture is framed and now hanging in the family room. You have a first class operation with high quality products. Your shipping and tracking was fast. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Thank you." [purchased stock picturse] BobT, Amherst, NY

"Tony, I got the package today. Everything looks very nice. It was a pleasure doing business with you....I think the collaboration was excellent and I appreciated your ideas. Again, your business model of providing less production style work is a very smart approach. I feel like I got more than what I started out looking for, and at a very reasonable price. I'm sure I'll get questions about both pieces and will be happy to refer people to you. that's the definition of over-delivering and satisfying a customer. [purchased board and poster] JayW, McKkinney, TX

"Tony, I got home this am and saw the boards. They are AWESOME!!!!! What a great job you did. The pictures are beautiful. I can't wait for the next show. They will make such a nice presentation. I will send you pictures as soon as I can. Thanks again" [purchased 2 boards and 2 posters] GrettaB, Watertown, CT

"Tony: The board really looks great. Thank you for your quick service and I’m sure I’ll get lots of compliments on it and hopefully more business for you." GerryS, Bonsall, CA

"Tony- What a great eBayer. I Got the pictures today - fast delivery...The pictures are beautiful and I thank you for and appreciate your professionalism. Regards" [purchased a series of stock pictures) KenW, San Jose, CA

"You are the best, I’ll be sure to refer you to anyone that might like this stuff! Thanks again" [purchased multiple pictures past fwe months], BambiH, Pierce City, MO

"Hi Tony, WOW--speedy [got her pictures in 1 day]--I love them. I am going to get them framed and I will give them as presents.....I believe in Fate--or God leading me to where I need to go, and I'm glad he led me to your pictures. they'll make great gifts, like I said they're awesome. Thanks again," [custom Mustang pictures] Lisette N, Eliot, ME

"Thanks for doing it so promptly. Everyone that has seen it here in the showroom really like it too. I hope we can send you some business. Women are always wanting to do something special for their husbands or significant others, this is such a great idea. I will spread the word. May have you do another one for me someday soon for another of Bob's cars " [showboard, and pictures] PattieT, Classic Auto, Bloomington, IL

"Hi Tony, The board arrived safely. Looks fantastic! ..... The actual board looks awesome! Thanks again for the prompt and professional service. As I stated before, I will more than likely be doing business with you in the future. I will also get a shot of the truck with the board and email it to you. I will try to send some business your way as well. Thanks again for a top notch job. Take care. Sincerely" [truck showboard] Ron & Sue T, Balsam Lake, WI

"Tony, It arrived intact and looks great!! Can't wait 'till next week's show..... it will still be the best 'Show-Board' on display...unless you have another one or more in this Sacramento Easy Riders' show.....I really appreciate your great art work and fast shipping. I'll take a picture at the show for your web site..... I really think your show board makes my bike look more special than it really is, and that's a plus! [motorcycle showboard] Bob F, Sacramento, CA

"It did [received my pictures]and I loved it. Can’t wait to get it framed. Everyone at work was very impressed so maybe I can send some more business your way. You have a great Christmas and May God bless you. [purchased multiple pictures] Polly H, Philadelphia, MS

"Hi Tony,I received the pictures today they look great! Will contact you after the holidays for a custom show board. thanks again" DanM, Netcong, NJ

"Tony: That’s it [the board design]! Very nicely done; it was a pleasure to assist with the “build” of such a great looking board..... the board looks great, you did an excellent job....I will keep you informed as to our show intentions before we need the next board" [Custom Camaro Showboard].WillM, ADM Classics, San Marino, CA

"Hi Tony, I love my show board. I think it's my good luck charm at the shows. I have been winning trophies at each show I have gone to this year. I have an assortment of pictures of the car with the show board at the shows. .......This board has gotten some serious mileage ! I took it with me to All Fords at Carlisle and Mustang Week in Myrtle Beach ( I won there too !!!). [purchased showboard, and poster] CarolM, Marlborough, MA

"Tony, Thanks for the great job on the show board. I also received a lot of complements on the board. I will send you some pictures." [showboards) JeffN, Walton Hills, OH

"Everything shipped great and everything looks GREAT! You did a hell of a job. Let you know how the show turns out. Again thanks" [purchased 2 showboards and custom flyers to hand out] MikeW, Highland Village, TX

"Tony, I did recieve everything today. Everything looks GREAT!!!! This won't be the last time we do business!!........ It looks like I have a new connection. :)Thanks again"[purchased showboard, pictures, and custom flyers to hand out] MarcS, Portsmouth, RI

"Tony, I really like the way all the boards turned out! They look great!! You can be sure that I will spread the word about your business and what a pleasure it was to work with you." [purchased pictures, plaque showboard, and 2 foam show boards] BrianM, South Grafton, MA

"Hi Tony, We are at the show and the boards look great. I took pictures with the cars and will send them next week" [purchased 3 boards so far]SteveW & SteveK, Sarasota, FL, at

"I received the package yesterday as scheduled. If I ever go to a car show where they give awards for the best showboard, I will win first place ! The glossy photos are great too and thanks for the photo with the ghost car following the Spyder through the checkered flag -- nice touch", [purchased 4 show boards for different cars, 6 T-shirts, large poster, and numerous pictures] Jeff B, Zanseville OH

"Awesome!!!! Perfect!!!!!!!!!! Don’t Change A Thing. ... [could] never be much better than this. I love it. And I’m going with it, Please send it through to “production..... Be sure to include flyers & cards... I’ll put them in me “Detail” toolbox, you know people will be asking for them !Thanks again for all your efforts”, [Purchased large and small boards] Gerry C, North Haven, CT

".... Everybody loved to show board and we were your biggest advocates. Im sure more business to follow. Ill keep in touch. Thanks for the Great Job", John and Cathy F, Peabody, MA

"Hi Tony, Thank you for a great job fast and perfect............Received the Picture and they are being plaqued as we speak. Thanks very much for a job well done and I have had a lot of compliments already. Thanks again and I will direct some business your way." Gord B, Newmarket, Ontario, Canada

"Everything looks fabulous and thanks for the extra prints. I'll be sure to send some business your way." [Purchased large and small boards, posters, and pictures] BruceC, NJ

"Tony, They look great.. Thanks for the expedition. I'll be sure to send you some pictures from the show." [Purchased, 2 small and large board, multiple pictures, magnets, and T-shirts for multiple cars]", ChasB, Rye NY

"hey tony, i got the signs today, they are just plain BAD ASS, they look awesome, i appreciate the plug on your new flyer, plus i saw you have it on your web site, im going to be adding you to my main page on my site.......again, thanks very much, you do awesome work, i love to find people like myself who take pride in what they do, my display is going to look awesome, ill send you a picture of it after super sunday"[multiple purchases of boards and posters] RobG, HotRods Incorporated, New Milford, CT

"Tony, We did receive it [custom painting series print of their house] and love it! Thank you so very much. I actually recommended you to a friend of mine today! Thanks again," Sherrie, North Grosvenordale, CT

"Tony, I received the boards [multiple show boards and a picture]they look great again thanks for the quick service. I hope I can send more business your way." JeffN, Walton Hills, OH

"Hey tony, just perfect, I guess keep this in your file[other prints], I will be ordering these also, I just wish I met you months ago, one thing I hate is wasting money on bad signs, thanks for all your help, finally I have someone who can make what I want, the first show board is just amazing, looks absolutely awesome", RobG, HotRods Incorporated, New Milford, CT

"WOW!!! TOTALLY AWESOME!!! Lets do it. [series of fantasy pictures] ......The picture of the 31 coupe with the fireworks is totally awesome!!!, This is a keeper... Again nice work Tony, We absolutely love it." JimS, Boylston, MA

"Tony: You did a great job, it [showboard and fantasy picture] looks awsome.I have enjoyed working with you. Go ahead and send me the invoice and we will get this going.... [After getting the board]..The board really looks great and everything meets or exceeds my expectations. You were a pleasure to do business with and I really appreciated your advice and help. I will be sure to recommend you to anybody that may ask...Thank You" RobertB, Lewiston, CA

"Tony, WOW!!!!!! I am absolutely blown away. This is awesome!!…..As for your recommendations: FABULOUS!!!….Man, you are good. Exactly what I was trying to describe. Beautifully done!!.......I can't believe how smooth this has been. It has been a pleasure working with you......I have no doubt that there will be a couple of my friends that will want to contact you to do some similar boards for them. They are like me; they are straight forward and really proud of their cars. The show boards will be a direct presentation of their pride, too!" [purchased 2 different show boards] RobM, Sugarland, TX

"Hi Tony,I would just like to say Thank you very much...The board looks terrific along with the pictures..." JimF, Marlboro, Massachusetts

"...Thank you for the wonderful print, I had it framed nicely and my boyfriend loved it! Priceless!...", JulieL, Denver CO

"Looks Great! [custom showboard] Thanks very much. I will recommend you to my friends." PerryP, Greenfield, WI

"That is freakin' awesome!!! I love it. Thanks for the awesome job !!! I was telling some folks from NEBOC today about the showboard. They are all pyched to see it." [purchased a board and poster]CarolM, Marlboro, Massachusetts

"It [custom show board and poster ] looks Great!!!! Thank you very much." Chris and Sue, Berlin, NJ

"Tony, I received the pictures today and they look great. Thank You" TommyV, Flower Mound, TX

".....What you did in that short of time with no information is phenomenal. I can definitely appreciate that level of pre-customer service!!!.........Again, I was amazed when I opened that email and saw all the work. Great job...." TraceyR, Montclair, California

Email this customer sent to his car club---"....He is a great man to work with and I know that because I must have had him enhance my poster board about 10 times until "I" got it right. He is a visionary and willing to go that extra mile to get exactly what you (the customer) wants. He sends you proofs and expects YOUR input as to it and any other revisions you would want. Again If your looking for the "Right" man to make your poster board then I would strongly suggest Tony for the job. You'll know what I mean when you see mine..... " ChrisP, New Hampshire

"...they are wonderful- even better than I had hoped for. can't wait to get them matted, framed, and hung on the wall to see people's has been a pleasure in dealing with you. The best compliment that I can give you is to say that I would recommend your work to any car enthusiast who wishes to have some unique pics of his/her car. " Doc E, New Hampshire

"thanks, tony, i have attachment. did not plan on anyone working today. nice products and EXCELLENT SERVICE, will buy from you again and highly recommend you. i run daytona turkey run and spring show at speedway in fla. thanks," Jim, Beverly Hills, FL

"Thx for all the work you put into pictures, I really like them." Dan M, New Hampshire

" Oh Yeah...I like it! Well, print 'em up and let me know the total." Mike C, Massachusetts

" thank you for pics we will order one hotel pic and one set of step magnets they look great....." JR & Nancy R, Massachusetts

. "...These are awesome!! ......I love the way your mind works!!..... The picture you sent is great. Great job!" Darlene B, Massachusetts

"..... He {her husband] really liked it [1969 Mustang collection]. I'm going to have it framed for his office. I think he liked that it was black and white and that it was sketch-like as opposed to a blatant picture. The sketchy look of it makes it less garage-y and more artistic, therefore better for the office." Catherine A, Georgia

"I got them [custom magnets with his car]and they look great." Frank M, Massachusetts

“My husband got the 8x10's for his B-day and he loves them!" Darlene B, Massachusetts

"Hi. I got the picture and it is terrific. Thank you very much and I'll leave you a feedback this morning. Thanks for following up." Keith C, Ontario Canada

"Just picked it up,very happy with the picture,hope to do more business with you in the future. Thanks and have a great day," Glenn S, Ontario Canada

"Hi, Thanks for the great service. I picked up the picture today, looks great." , Yliria S, Nevada

"WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to show them to everyone. Thanks", MikeM, Florida

"Atch 2 is perfect; I wasn't expecting that one. I like the black and white with the red. I have to buy it.... The pictures are great. ", JackB, Massachusetts

Ebook Reviews:

"Hi, We have used Anthony's e-book, How to run a Car Show, for a few years. We will be putting on our 6th annual car show in September........Thanks. The book has been very helpful to us. We are known as Bailey's Brigade, dedicated to funding a cure for Juvenile Diabetes........" Jackie Wills

"I just wanted to say thank you for the advice that you provided me with your (How to Run A Car Show) guide that I recieved. I followed your advice and tips while I was planning my event for this year. I have to say that it paid off. Last year I hosted my first event and I had a good turn out of participants........ This year I had over a 100% increase from that just by following your advice....... I can see that I have one problem already for next years event and that is I have to find a different location. I can see that I have ran out of room at this location.....Again thanks for your help and advice." Garry Gilbert, Rock & Roll Car Show Host,

"Hi, I found you searching on google, I searched for "how to organize a car show". My father wants to organize an antique tractor show, but I couldn't find information about that. Your book was quite helpful, since many of the steps are similar.Thanks Carol Raleigh, NC

"tony, i think your books are a asset to the average car buff, and will help them down the road,its a tough market. The amount of shows starting the first week in april in the US, are aprox 30,000 events, from mom and pop too larger auto events, so the market is there."JimP (car judge), Bowdon, Georgia

"thanks, Tony, i have attachment. Did not plan on anyone working today. Nice products and EXCELLENT SERVICE, will buy from you again and highly recommend you. i run daytona turkey run and spring show at speedway in Fla. thanks, jim, Beverly Hills, FL

"Dear Mr. Palmieri, Thank you for the fantastic Ebooks! They are just what I had hoped! Thanks for the benefit of your experience and knowledge!" Jerry, Colorado

"Very helpful my volunteer fire dept is looking to put on a car show and are looking for tips in how to start thanks this was a big help" BillN

"It loaded perfect. Great idea for a publication! I've been looking for something like this for a few months now. Thanks for the email." Kevin, North Carolina

"Thanks for the book. It'll help my Lions Club a lot. Were putting on our second car show this month and we need all the help we can get with the judges. A lot of them are first time volunteers.", JamesE, Federal Way, WA

"A nice concise guide with great pictures", JohnB, Ohio

"Being new to showing my car the checklist has helped me make sure that I do not overlook anything", RobertB, Arizona

"I just downloaded this for my husband for fathers day, but after looking at it, I gave it to him now since car season just started and this will help him", SusanB, New Hampshire

"The cover caught my attention first with that kewl picture and gave me a few ideas for my own car. The comments and hints on setting up the display to stand out was the best section. I am looking forward to creating some show pictures", JasonT, North Carolina

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"Great book, I have used many of the ideas presented, and I know for a fact that I came in first because of this. The car I was up against was a top quality show car, and this gave me the edge. The information given here helped me win", JamesB, Vermont

"I Got the GOLD!!!!! Even though the show did not allow displays, I was able to take the ideas that you showed in the trunk example and create a subtle display with all of the right information. The Gold is proof." MikeB, Connecticut

One customer was so happy he even put us on his website to tell all of his buddies. CLICK HERE to read what he wrote

"It loaded perfect. Great idea for a publication! I've been looking for something like this for a few months now. Thanks for the email." Kevin, North Carolina

"Finally a guide that is really helpful. I used many of your ideas for our latest benefit show. So helpful.. .. thanks for the discount coupons you sent", ArchieK

"ok, so I cant create the cover picture yet, but I am on my way. I can already tae better photographs" LennyB, AZ

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"Thanks for answering my questions.. The book is great and I look forward to the 2nd Edition" BarryS, IN (Barry had some unique questions for problems he had with car photography that will be answered in the next revision)

"I got this book and the automotive book as a gift for my husband and he loved them!!" MaryB, NJ

"The examples were helpful, and the Camera section gave me a better understanding of my camera and what the manual did not say.......the section on lighting was great", PeterL, Canada

"Hi Tony....Great books! [running a car show, and judging guide] Very, Very helpful. This is our first car show....Our organization is the Gratiot County Fair for Youth.........They are awesome!!! When I get everything in order I will send you all the info of our show." KarenS, Sumner, Michigan,

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