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Show Boards & Posters by Palmieri Concepts

The #1 Choice, Custom Showboard & Car Picture Company

Get an EXTRA Mini-Classic Board for only $75! (with purchase of any other board)

Palmieri Concepts designs museum quality showboards, display boards, and posters that incorporate custom artwork using photographs of your vehicle, making it unique and personalized just for you.

Our Showboards will make your vehicle stand out from the others!

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What makes Palmieri Concepts Design Studio different from other companies is that we do not require you use a template. Each design is custom just for you, making your vehicle stand out. Our designs are not a collage of pictures with words, but a piece of artwork to complement your vehicle and its unique features.

Show how patriotic you are and include a flag in the background of your board. The examples below are with the USA flag, however, we can do any flag, including the flag from the origin of your vehicle.


Why our products stand out!

We use 100 year inks with UV (Ultra Violet) protection minimizing fade from light and the sun.
Professional, top quality photographic papers and vinyl's.
The best lamination materials with UV protection keeping the colors crisp, with a protective low glare finish.

Only top quality materials are used- Showboads mounted on sintra (semi-rigid light weight - not flimsy foamboard)

Our manufacturing equipment is state-of-the-art professional quality.

First step is to select a design option and size to meet your needs and price range

Option 1: Custom Photo Posters with "Your Vehicle"

Text only Poster (16"x24") with cool text graphics- $95**

Custom Poster (16"x24") with pictures - $135 to $155**


Increase the poster size to 20"x30" for just $15 more

Increase the poster size to 24"x36" for just $25 more

This is a very high quality photograph print, printed on professional gloss photographic paper- not a cheap poster. This is a great option if you want something that you can frame yourself, or to hang on your wall as is. Shipped to you rolled in a tube. You can decide how to mount or hang it. Sizes from 8"x10" to 24"x48" and larger available.


Option 2:The "Original Classic" Series Show Boards

Original Classic Board

Text Only Mini Classic Board (11"x17") with cool text graphics- $90**

16"x24" Text Only Classic Board- $135**

Mini Classic board (11"x17") with pictures - $145 to $160**

16"x24" Fully Custom Classic Board - $200 to $225**

(Order an extra 11x17 Mini Classic Board for only $75 with purchase of any board type with same exact design)

High quality, economical, and light weight. Same high quality artwork and material used on our other products. 16x24 size weights approximately 1.5 lbs. 11x17 is great for placement in your trunk or on the dash. Other custom sizes available. Final posters and boards are within 3/4" of stated size due to trimming.

Option 2:The " Classic Gold" Show Boards

This is the "Top of the Line Show Board"

New Thicker Board With Upper/Lower Protective Edge Trim

Nicely Detailed Board For That Finished Look

Available up to 20" x 30"

Classic Gold Board

16"x24" Classic Gold Board - $245 to $265**

20"x30" Classic Gold Board - $295 to $310**

(Order an extra 11x17 Mini Classic Board for only $75 with purchase of any board type with same exact design)

Top quality and great construction. High quality artwork and materials but mounted on a 1/4" thick substrate. 20"x30" size weights approximately 3.5 lbs. Other custom sizes available. Final posters and boards are within 3/4" of stated size due to trimming.

"Auction II " Show Boards

Auction II Board

Selling a vehicle? Let us help!

16"x24" Fully Custom Designs

Other sizes available

Quantity Discounts

Contact us for a quote

The Auction II board is a high quality, economical version of our other boards, that targets the auction market. This board is intended for indoor use or limited outdoor use since there is no surface protection from the weather. (Optional protective lamination available). This is the same high quality artwork, high end professional papers and 100 year UV inks, as used on our other products. The board has a nice gloss finish mounted on a rigid 1/4" substrate. These boards enable the auction consignors to get our great designs, at a more economical price point for limited use signs. These designs often include auction information, as well as themes to tie the design to the auction event as well as the owners collections. (See right side example: Day and Lot # inside of an orange, for an Orange County California auction event) Click here for more Auction Board Examples and what we can do to help you sell your vehicle.

"Progress & Timeline" Show Boards

After many hours of hard work, showcase your progress with one of our Progress or Timeline Showboards for all to see. These boards display a timeline of progress, or a diagram of special modifications.

These designs are available in any of our poster or board options (Photo Poster, Original Classic Board, Classic Gold Board, or Museum Plaque board). Given the many pictures and details of these boards the prices are typically $50-$100 more then the standard showboard design and is based upon your specific design. Each designs is unique to your vehicle.

See more examples below

Contact us to learn more about what we can do for you.


~~~~~~~~ PLEASE READ & Understand This Before Placing An Order ~~~~~~~~

CLICK HERE to be sure you understand IMPORTANT information about the boards and what is expected and NOT a defect in manufacturing. This section also includes important Board care information and for a comparison of board sizes and construction.

**Since each board is custom for you, the actual price will be based upon a quote and the prices shown are just a guideline. As a "general rule", the more pictures and graphics, or elaborate text layouts in a design, the higher the cost.

Massachusetts residents sales tax is added.

Rush Service is often available!

We do stand behind our products, and any products found to be defective within 30 days of receipt will be replaced. Please understand what is considered NOT to be a defect. We can not guarantee everything for life. Mishandling of the boards, including exposing it to high temperatures and liquids is not covered.

To Order - Easy As 1 2 3

Creating your poster or showboard is so easy. Send us your pictures and we do the rest - If you are local we can even take the pictures.

1. Send me your information (email or US postal mail). Include pictures and information you want on the design.

2. You and I will discuss your design so it is perfect for you and I will provide a cost quote and time frame. Send a deposit to start your custom design.

3. I will email you a draft for your review and your opportunity to make changes to get it perfect. When you approve the final draft, pay the balance and the board is made.

Click here to download a handy (Microsoft Word) order form >>>

You can take one of our existing designs as a starting point, then customize it to reflect your car, your personality and your message, or we can work with you on a completely custom design. Here are a few examples and descriptions about them.


These are just a few boards we have done for major US Auctions

Barrett Jackson, Mecum, Atlantic City, and Russo-Steele auctions.

Barrett Jackson car show boards

Palmieri Concepts is not affiliated with General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, or any other company, or endorsed by any of these companies. Any pictures or trademarks used, depict items that are on the car, or the owner has the permission to use and were provided by the owner (not provided by Palmieri Concepts). Palmieri Concepts does not and will not provide any trademarked/copyrighted images. All associated images have been provided by our clients as their property or right to use.

Progress & Timeline Boards and Posters

Showcase your hard work for all to see!

1970 Boss 460 Mustang Modifications

Undercarriage Design showcasing all of the features and modifications of this 1970 Mustang

1970 Boss 302 Mustang restoration

Timeline design showing key restoration elements of this rare Boss Mustang

1962 Corvette Restoration

Timeline showing the progress from the beginning to end of a 1962 Corvette restoration.

Designs for Vehicles owned by Famous People & Celebrities

We do all types of show boards and displays. Those for the daily driver, to others that are custom designed for movies and famous people.

Karen Mcdougal Shelby Design display board

This custom design was 1 of 2 designs done for Karen McDougal, the 1998 Playboy Playmate of the Year and Playmate of the decade. This car was given to her for her promotion of the Shelby Series 1 car. In January 2010, this board design represented her car at the Barrett Jackson Auction. See the other board in our auction section here.

See a picture of Karen and our showboards on our customer cars page. Click here

1985 Camaro Iroc Z Live Aid Signature car- showboard

Example MSa6- 1985 Camaro Iroc Z Live Aid Signature car- This is one of the two famous Signature Car Camaros that was Part of the Live Aid / Drive Aid Concert July 13, 1985. In 1985 music legends Bill Graham, Bob Geldof, Larry Magid and Allen Spivak produced one of the biggest concerts ever named "Live Aid".

Mike alstott  camaro poster board image

Example 63 - This is a custom board we completed in January 2008 for Mike Alstott, the fullback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This was his custom 1969 Camaro built by SS Motorsports to be auctioned off for his foundation.

1956 Ford Crown Victoris Jay leno Drew cary Show Board image

1956 Example 103 -Ford Crown Victoria. The pictures tell tell the story. See the pictures of Jay Leno and Drew Carey in the car at the bottom

1963 VW Herbie car  poster board image

Example 48- 1963 VW Herbie - This was one of the "Real" Herbies used during the filming of the Herbie Fully Loaded Movie. (Note a private image has been blurred on this board)

Bobby Labonte black bird  showboard image

Example 96 - 2002 GMMG Blackbird #38 - Bobby Labonte - This car was custom build for this famous NASCAR racer, and this design captures the key facts including documentation that make this car unique.

1970 Kawaski motorcycle showboard image

Example 90 -1970 Kawasaki- This was one of the actual bikes ridden by Steve McQueen in the movie LeMans and pin stripped by the famous Von Dutch.

Example 157- 1969 Shelby GT350 owned by Alice Cooper.


Designs for Vehicles with a famous Racing History

2000 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP Pace show board image


Example 95 - 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP Pace Car - A variety of pictures both on and off the track are complemented by special graphics and documentation to show the history of this unique vehicle. These are the 2 actual pace cars used during the Daytona 500.

2003 Chevrolet SSR Pace car showboard image

2003 Chevrolet SSR Indy/NASCAR Pace Truck: At times a variety of information that can be conveyed better with pictures. This is a perfect example, where this client used a combination of 2 designs to get the message across. One board provided details about the trucks history, and the second board displayed different stages off the truck, including it on the race track as a Pace Truck.

1962 Lotus 23B car showboard image

Example 77 - 1962 Lotus 23B - This prestigious Lotus has a racing history dating back to 1963, and raced by the famous Albert Poon.

1954 Arnolt Bristol Boldie show board

Example 131 - 1954 Arnolt Bristol Boldie. This rare racing car is 1 of 143 built that was raced at the 1955 Sebring International 12 hour race.

1938 Ford Hemijet race car poster board

Example 134 -1939 Ford Hemi Jet Car. Hemi engine so it can be driven on the street, and a jet engine in the back for the race track. The smoke out the back in this picture is real!

1962 Pontac Tempest - Anderson Brothers racing poster

Example 25 - 1962 Pontiac Tempest Race car - This is the well know car from Anderson Brothers Racing

Tickled Pink

Tickled Pink Race Car: This race car is owned and Raced by Wanda Johnson and Ty Johnson




MS-1964 FORD FAIRLANE THUNDERBOLT-Limited production Experimental Race car

1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS Pace Car show sign

Example 168- 1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS Pace Car that was used at the 53rd Annual Indianapolis 500 Mile race on May 30, 1969

1965 Plymouth Satellite

MSSept13-1965 Plymouth Satellite- Golden Commando #6

Designs with a special theme you may recognize

968 Barracuda Supercuda Concept X

Example 171-1968 Barracuda Supercuda Concept X- This famous car that has been featured in numerous magazines and on television.

1969 Chevy Pro Touring 454 Camaro

Example 115 -1969 Chevy Pro Touring 454 Camaro - Jaws theme. The ribbed side moldings in front of the rear tires looked like the gills on the side of a shark.

1971 Cuda Promo  V code

Example 183-1971 Cuda. This is the first V-Code Cuda manufactured and was the promotional car that was actually used.

1966 Pro Touring Nova Grim Reaper show board

Example 135 -1966 Pro Touring Nova X, known as the Grim Reaper. This board design is a perfect example of carrying the theme of the car into the board design.

Example Z48 -1967 Camaro Blue Thunder Show car. Custom graphics can be designed to reflect the name of the car, such as in this case the lighting and the thunder theme. Also see example 101 for the complementary board to this set

Example 116 - The Project 13 Custom 1971 Camaro RS Z28. The car looks too good to be real, yet it is! The board design emphasis the uniqueness of the engine with the multiple views, then draws you into the many other features, such as that flaming paint job.

1967 Pro Touring Camaro Silverback.- poster

Example 24- 1967 Pro Touring Camaro know as "Silverback". This board design is a perfect example of carrying the theme of the car into the board design using the Silverback Gorilla.

1952 Buick Woodie Wagon  "Woodzilla" poster

Example 138- 1952 Buick Woodie Wagon known as "Woodzilla"

Example 104 - The famous Project 69, 1969 Camaro


1969 Pontiac Custom Trans Am Translam

Example FMBJ-13 1969 Pontiac Custom Trans Am known as the Famous

"TRANSLAM" An Award winning creation!!!!


1970 Boss 460 Mustang

Example 185 was a 1970 Mach 1 Boss 460 Mustang with a Ford Racing Boss 460 engine. It was featured by Ford Racing in September 2014. It has a stock appearance, and would be what Ford would of built if today's technology was available. It is fast!!!

Back To The Future Movie Vehicles- Yes the Real ones used in the movies. These vehicles and boards are part of a large movie vehicle collection.

Delorean DMC-12 Back to the Future themed show board

Example 158- Delorean DMC-12 Back to the Future theme. The car says it all since this model was used in the movie as the time machine.

Back To The Future Desert Car

Example 180- This is the REAL Delorean Back To The Future Desert Car used in the movie


Example 191 and 192 is the actual truck used in the Movie Back To The-Future II & III.



1967 Chevelle RS- Batman themed show board

Example 111 - 1967 Chevelle RS- Batman theme. The owner had many comments about this deep black color and how it had the mysterious Batman car feel.


Not only have we done cars, trucks, motorcycles, and airplanes, but there are unique boats as well.

Designs for Featured SEMA Shows

1969 Baldwin Motion Camaro  car showboard image

Example 44 -1969 Baldwin Motion Camaro featured at 2006 SEMA, TV American Muscle Series, and 3 issues of Super Chevy.

1969 Camaro car showboard image

Example 62 -1969 Extreme - SS Motorsports, featured at the 2007 SEMA show.

SEMA 2007 Dodge charger SRT8 Superbee-showboard

Example 99 - 2007 Dodge Charger SRT8 Superbee. 2008 SEMA featured vehicle.


1969 Chevy Extme Corvette show board

Example 107 - 1969 Chevy Extreme Twin-Turbo Corvette. Featured at the 2008 SEMA show by SS Motorsports.


Here are some boards with brief description of why they were designed the way they were to help give you a better understanding of designing your board and things to consider.

2007 Shelby GT500 showboard image

Example 70A and 70B- Is a 2 board set that focuses on the general features with the main board, and the SHOW and GO features with a smaller complementary board. This is a nice blend of today's technology in a Shelby GT500 with that nostalgic Mustang feel. The boards captures the viewers attention and quickly conveys the classic nature of the past, with today's technology and performance. The 2 boards can be viewed in the examples below.

Impala SS Magazine feature showboard image

Custom Magazine Feature plaques

Was your vehicle Featured in a magazine? We can design a custom poster or plaque just for you! Hang it on your wall, or display it at your next car show.

1971 Chevelle SS car show poster image

Example 49 - Want something that is HOT? This board ties the flame theme to this 1970 Chevelle. There are flames on the paint, flames inside, and this board complements it all. What an eye catcher!!

1971 Chevelle 1970 Camaro 1957 Chevy  story board image

Want more attention?

Trying to sell your vehicle?

We can design a complementary flyer that will leave a lasting impression with the spectators!
Combine a show board with these custom flyers and potential buyers will be even more interested in your vehicle. This will show them that every aspect of your car, including the display is the best quality available. See our businesses services for more information. CLICK HERE

1970 Chevelle car display board image

Example 52 - One of a series of showboards used by a custom car designer. This 1970 Chevelle display board emphasizes the cars features, while promoting the custom car building company. Provided with each car they do.


1932 Ford auto story board image

Example 39 - Keeping your showboard simple, can have a dramatic effect. The complementary colored background, and the checkered boarder make this eye catching weather its next to this 1932 Ford Coupe, or just on a wall. We look for the subtle details such as the check on the firewall and incorporate it into the design.

1958 Corvette showboard image

1923 Ford Flat T Roadster showboard image

Examples 88 - 1923 Ford Flat T Roadster & 89- 1958 Corvette Coupe Roadster - Some designs look better when they are done in a landscape format. For these vehicles, since they sit low to the ground the landscape is perfect. It can be displayed between the front wheels and not block anything.

1933 Ford display card image

Example 50 - Often there is months and years of work that goes into a car. Rather than just using a picture book, this layout is like watching a filmstrip of the progress. This shows the transformation of the 1933 Ford with the OLD restoration pictures to the left, and NEW pictures to the right.

Just a few of the many specialty cars

2004 SVT Cobra Mustang Mystichrome

2004 SVT Cobra Mustang Mystichrome

2013 Laguna Seca Mustang

2013 Laguna Seca Mustang

2015 Helcat

2015 Hellcat

Wild 89 Mustang


To see more examples designs

Click HERE to go to Example Gallery 1


Palmieri Concepts is not affiliated with General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, or any other company, or endorsed by any of these companies. Any trademarks used depict items that are on the car and not provided by Palmieri Concepts.

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