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Classic Car Pictures and Specialty Items
See our new line of custom Paint Pictures that are great for cards.
This can be your house, pet, car of other great thing!
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Custom Holiday Cards

SP1- Car Pulling Sleigh, Put your car there, along with one item in the sleigh, and up to 4 Custom Lines


mustang image - Classic Car Pictures

SP2- Cars in Ornaments, include up to 4 cars, and add your name. You must email pictures of your vehicle(s)

pet christmas car image  - Classic Car Pictures

SP3- Pets in Ornaments, include up to 4 pets, and add your name. You must email pictures of your pet(s).

c Printed on heavy weight card stock, similar to business cards.
c Photo quality images with a low glare finish.
c Overall card size is approximately 3.5" x 5"
c Image size is approximately 3" x 4.5"
c Small white edge border (may vary in width from card and edge)
c Minimum quantity is 36 cards, sold in blocks of 9
c Large Quantity Discounts Available

c The back is blank, so you can write something on it.


Ask about Prices

* Prices are based upon using a stock car picture, or a picture from a design (showboard, custom picture) that we did for you previously. If not using a previously used picture, they will be an initial artwork charge for custom designs.

* MA residents add 6.25% sales tax


Contact us about how we can meet your holiday needs


Get your Christmas card  orders in, and be the envy of your buddies.

Great for businesses to advertise and impress customers.








Please note that there are two ways to cards. The first is to select any of our stock pictures and have just the car put on the card (up to 4). The second is to take a Palmieri Concepts created picture that we did just for you and have it turned into a card. Due to the amount of time it takes to create to the image, and the low cost that we offer these custom cards, a custom card will only be created with other consigned work. The only exception to this is if you will be ordering more than 24 cards of the same image, such as for your club logo, etc.





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