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Custom Automotive Signs

Make Your Garage Stand Out With A Custom Wall Sign


Do NOT Display A Generic Wall Sign! Display a custom one with YOUR Vehicle!

Our plaques are custom done for you with your car or bike, making your garage even more unique. These signs look great at car shows as part of your display


Custom NO Parking Signs **Great Gift Idea**

Make sure everyone knows that is YOUR parking spot!

These 12x17 (approx. size) signs are made with a picture of your vehicle and mounted on sintra with a protective coating. See additional information at the bottom of this page.

To Order - Send us your picture, tell us the words, the colors and its done! Standard color is red just like a street sign. If we are doing other custom pictures with backgrounds for you, you can also use that picture on here.

mustang no parking

Ask about a quote for your vehicle.

Typically about $65* + shipping

* Cost for motorcycles and open vehicles are more.

* These are for indoor use only. Note that due to the solid white background as with any white background, it is expected that there be some share spots in the background, and this is not to be considered a defect.

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3D Cutout Signs

Cutout to the profile of your vehicle

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Approximately 22"x11", mounted on sintra with a protective coating. See additional information at the bottom of this page.

Ask about a quote for your vehicle.

Typically about $84* + shipping **** This Product is currently NOT available***

* Cost for motorcycles and open vehicles are more.

Dragway Christmas Tree Signs

Make your garage or office look like a race track with your very own custom Dragway Christmas tree. These vivid colors will catch everyone's attention - 22" tall by 14" wide

dragway sign image


Your name or other text at the top. The word Dragway can also be customized.

race christmas tree image


Your name or other text at the top and a picture of YOUR CAR at the bottom. The word Dragway can also be customized.

Dragway Signs are available as a poster or mounted on sintra so you can hang it right up.

NAME ONLY: $32 Poster, $75 Laminated & Mounted

NAME & PICTURE: $44 Poster, $90 Laminated & Mounted

Above prices do not include shipping.

Discounts on multiple signs.

(+ 6.25% sales tax for MA residents)

* These are for indoor use only

Additional Information On These Signs and Posters

* These signs are not intended for outdoor use and do not get wet.

* Posters are printed on high quality PROFESSIONAL gloss photographic paper. Not the inexpensive poster paper.

* Mounted Dragway signs and 3D cutouts are printed on a high quality vinyl photo material with a protective plastic laminate over the surface. NO Parking signs have a clear protective spray surface coating.

* Mounted on Sintra (similar
to Plexiglas), so it is very durable!

* All signs can be mounted on a wall or displayed in your trunk or the engine bay at a car show and are within 3/4" of stated size.

* To order a sign send us a picture, select one from our stock pictures or use a Palmieri Concepts picture that we did for you. We can take any of the pictures that were used for your showboard, picture or other Palmieri Concepts product, and create one of these cool looking signs!!

* Please allow 3 weeks for manufacturing. Typically ships in 1 week. Rush service available

These will look great in your garage!


3D Cutouts

Typical dimension for a side view of a car will be approximately 22" wide X 11" high. Your actual size will depend upon the car dimensions (aspect ratio) and the angle of the car picture. Each sign is hand cut to follow the overall contour of your vehicle. Larger signs are also available, however, they do require very high resolution pictures.


Picture of actual sign above

Note that some fine details, such as an antenna will not be there and certain areas with a small curved radius will actually be a small corner. These are too fine to cut around.


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