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Privacy Policy


Palmieri Concepts values your privacy and does not share your email address or other private information.


Copyright 2005-2015 by Palmieri Concepts. All rights reserved. Protected under both U.S. Federal copyright law and international treaties. No part of this site, including text, images and computer code, may be reproduced or copied in any form or by any means, electronic, graphic, digital or mechanical, including photocopying or information storage & retrieval systems, without the express prior written permission of Palmieri Concepts. The only area that may be reproduced are the publications that expressly state that they can be copied. They must be used in their entirety without any changes, and provide a reference to, and credit the author. This applies to this web page and all other pages and content on this web site. Additional information is included in our Privacy Policy and Terms here.

1. The only products that may be reproduced are the Ebook publications that expressly state that they can be copied and what sections can be copied. Any allowed copies must be used in their entirety without any changes, and provide a reference to, and credit the author.
2. Any sample pictures or artwork provided by Palmieri Concepts is to be used as examples only for the specific purpose described with the files, and not for any other purpose. This includes: *Resale "as is" *Part of another product *Used as examples as part of 3rd party products *Or any other purpose not specifically defined without the express prior written permission of Palmieri Concepts.

Purchase of Picture Source Files

Palmieri Concepts does not typically sell the source files. This is to protect the images, since they are copyrighted by Palmieri Concepts. However, for select cases Palmieri Concepts will provide the files in addition to the purchase of the actual pictures for an additional cost. These files are provided with the agreement that the purchaser ONLY make copies for themselves and do not make copies for resale. The purchaser does not own the files or images, and is purchasing a personal license to use the files and make prints for their own use. For those customers that want to use the files for other purposes, such as in marketing or sales literature, must receive the expressed written consent of Palmieri Concepts. The files and pictures must be used in their entirety without any changes, and must always include the signature on the pictures.


Picture Release Policy

Customers who request Palmieri Concepts photography and art work agree to the following:

1. Allow Palmieri Concepts to post and display examples of this work on this web site and others use in marketing literature such as brochures, and in person at shows & exhibits and any other promotional items. This material may include the initial pictures provided by the customer showing what we started with, in addition to the final product(s).

2. Palmieri Concepts designs are for personal use only and not for commercial use without our written permission. You do NOT have the right to make additional copies with out our written permission.

3. Palmieri Concepts owns the images and holds the rights and royalties to all our designs. If you are seeking to own the rights and royalty to your own custom design, your quote will contain the cost information and any limitations or rules that will apply to your design. Utilizing our designs for your business logos is prohibited without written permission from Palmieri Concepts

4. Unless otherwise agreed upon in writing, Palmieri Concepts reserves the right to use any pictures provided to them by our customers and the final picture(s)/artwork any way they wish. This includes the use on their web sites and to offer them for sale to others, even if they are purchased by the customer who requested the art work.

5. We are not allowed to use copyrighted photos without written permission. Palmieri Concepts assumes no responsibility or liability in respect to any copyright infringements. Palmieri Concepts does not provide logos or any copyrighted or trademarked images for use in the artwork. We only use images provided by customers.

a. By placing an order, you are stating that you own the copyright of your photo images or have expressed written permission to use the images.
b. By placing an order, you also hereby agree to assume all responsibility for all legal costs incurred by Palmieri Concepts as a result of an alleged copyright infringement.

Palmieri Concepts is not affiliated with General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, or any other company, or endorsed by any of these companies. Any trademarks used depict items that are on the car and not provided by Palmieri Concepts. We do not supply any logos, copyrighted or trademarked items for any of our work.