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Ever imagine your vehicle as part of a fantasy theme? Palmieri Concepts Design Studio can create one just for you. Take your restored vehicle, and put it into a correct dated scene. Do you have one of the many classic cars that were named after an animal, such as the classic Mustang, Thunderbird, Viper, or Wildcat to name a few? Now you can create a fantasy scene showing where the name came from. Is there someone in your life that is not the best driver? How about a birthday joke gift with their car on the top of a mountain, or sticking out of the water. We can even create a fantasy drag racing picture full of smoke. Below are a few examples of what can be done.

The examples on this page are not for sale. They were are some of the designs that we did as examples and for our customers since many contain logos and other property that they own and we can not sell. Examples are for reference only, however, we can create one for you with your vehicle.

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Starting with a basic photograph, art evolves! This could be YOUR car! 1970 chevelle  with flames image


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1964 Chevrolet C10 Fleetside pickup truck collage 1965-Corvette-Sting-Ray-Front 1965-Corvette-Sting-Ray-collage 1966 Chevelle SS 396
1964 Chevrolet C10 Fleetside pickup truck collage.jpg 1965-Corvette-Sting-Ray-Front.jpg 1965-Corvette-Sting-Ray-collage.jpg 1966 Chevelle SS 396.jpg
1966 Chevelle SS Spotlight 1967 Camaro RS SS-with-Flags 1967 Mustang over GT 1967-Camaro-RS SS-Reflection
1966 Chevelle SS Spotlight.jpg 1967 Camaro RS SS-with-Flags.jpg 1967 Mustang over GT.jpg 1967-Camaro-RS SS-Reflection.jpg
1967-GTO-with-LOGO 1969 vette with flags 1970 Dodge Charger RT checkered boarder-RT 1970 Mach 1 Mustang Cobra Jet -Blasting-Out-Of-Flag
1967-GTO-with-LOGO.jpg 1969 vette with flags.jpg 1970 Dodge Charger RT checkered boarder-RT.jpg 1970 Mach 1 Mustang Cobra Jet -Blasting-Out-Of-Flag.jpg
1982 Corvette special-edition 1999 Corvette Views 2002 GMMG Blackbird Firebird 2005 Mustang GT In the clouds
1982 Corvette special-edition.jpg 1999 Corvette Views.jpg 2002 GMMG Blackbird Firebird.jpg 2005 Mustang GT In the clouds.jpg
2006 Mustang fantasy horse Blasting-out-of-V8 F13-1968-Chevelle-on-mountian F16-1958-Belair-Fire-and-Ice
2006 Mustang fantasy horse.jpg Blasting-out-of-V8.jpg F13-1968-Chevelle-on-mountian.jpg F16-1958-Belair-Fire-and-Ice.jpg
F18-Ford-GT-racing-Jet F19-Clhevy-Hot-Rod-truck-unde- light F20-1968-Chevelle-space-traveler F21-1968-Chevelle-blastiing-out-of-steering-wheel
F18-Ford-GT-racing-Jet.jpg F19-Clhevy-Hot-Rod-truck-unde- light.jpg F20-1968-Chevelle-space-traveler.jpg F21-1968-Chevelle-blastiing-out-of-steering-wheel.jpg
F23-1967-Charger-Lightening-Bolt F26-1951-Mercury-Tiger-Mouth F27-1968-Camaro-SS-Cliffs F32-1930-Ford-A-Pickup-V8-Views
F23-1967-Charger-Lightening-Bolt.jpg F26-1951-Mercury-Tiger-Mouth.jpg F27-1968-Camaro-SS-Cliffs.jpg F32-1930-Ford-A-Pickup-V8-Views.jpg
F33-1972-Chevy-Impala-Composition F35-1999-Red-Corvette-Exhaust F40-1983-Maxda-Rx7-B&W-Sketch F44-Chevy-Hot-Rod
F33-1972-Chevy-Impala-Composition.jpg F35-1999-Red-Corvette-Exhaust.jpg F40-1983-Maxda-Rx7-B&W-Sketch.jpg F44-Chevy-Hot-Rod.jpg
F45-1967-Dodge-Charger-Vietnam a-1970 mach 1 Mustang-racing-collage a-2000 Pontiac Grand prix Pace car checkered floor a-2002 GMMG Blackbird Firebird reflection
F45-1967-Dodge-Charger-Vietnam.jpg a-1970 mach 1 Mustang-racing-collage.jpg a-2000 Pontiac Grand prix Pace car checkered floor.jpg a-2002 GMMG Blackbird Firebird reflection.jpg
a-2006 Mustang Gt over GT a-2007 GT500 with Cobra a-2007 Shelby GT500car over gas cap a-F34-1999-Red-Corvette-Views
a-2006 Mustang Gt over GT.jpg a-2007 GT500 with Cobra.jpg a-2007 Shelby GT500car over gas cap.jpg a-F34-1999-Red-Corvette-Views.jpg



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