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- Classic Car Pictures and Art by Palmieri Concepts -


**Shirts Are Not Available At This Time**

Custom Car Tee-shirts by Palmieri Concepts

Stand Out At the Next Show and

Remind People Remind People What You Drive

Don't Wear a Generic shirt - Have a custom one with YOUR Vehicle!

Why but a generic shirt that anyone can get when Palmieri Concepts can design a T-shirt just for you. Everyone at the car shows will know what car is yours and wish that they had a shirt just like yours.

You can even use the same picture that is on your Palmieri Concepts show board and magnets to make a "Complete Show Display" that is all tied together.

To order a shirt. Select any of our stock pictures or use a Palmieri Concepts picture that we did just for you and have it turned into a magnet.

Every product we make is he best quality available, and our shirts are no exception. This is a high quality 100% cotton deluxe white T-shirt where the supple fabric is matched to the finish of the photograph. It features a crisp photo on the front only that is highly durable, thanks to a high-quality sublimation printing process that creates a clear detailed and bold picture that never gets stiff like an iron-on. This is not a Iron-ON transfer. See more details at the bottom of the page on this process. Image size will vary slightly based on the shirt size and the exact picture used; as an example, an image on an adult large T-shirt measures 9"x12" and the edge of the image will be faded into the fabric for a seamless edge. Note that shirts are white, and the picture is on the front.

Adult sizes are Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large

Youth and infant sizes, as well as sweatshirts, and Bar BQ aprons also available.

Pillow Cases Shams and Blankets and Other Gifts can be seen in our Pet Store- CLICK HERE.


Discounts for multiple shirts.


Wear A Custom Tee-shirt With YOUR Car

Remember Your Beloved Pet - We can Do them Also

Prices are based upon a stock picture, or a picture being used for another product such as a picture, show board, etc. Custom artwork is extra. NOTE: If you are interested in a full custom T-shirt, the total cost would be the price for an 8"x10" plus the cost of the T-shirt. You would receive both the photograph and a shirt. Refer to the pricing sheet for cost

Processing Technique: Sublimation uses a special ink called sublimation ink, along with heat, and pressure to transfer images to a variety of materials such as cotton and polyester (T-shirts ), metals, plastics, ceramics, and special high temperature plastics such as Plexiglas, mylar or melamine. Sublimation ink is unique in its ability to convert from a solid to a gas without going through a liquid form (like dry ice). This conversion and the resulting transfer is initiated by heat and controlled with pressure. The process gives a crisp color and high definition images.