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You can expand the visibility of your business by advertising on our web site or in our literature.

Since its founding in 2005, Palmieri Concepts has continued to grow month over month with a world wide customer base: 95% in North America with 90% of those visitors being car enthusiast. Pet lovers account for approximately 10% of all visitors.

Palmieri Concepts offers very competitive advertising packages and can provide a custom package to meet your needs. If you are interested in connecting with a rapidly growing online Web Site and would like to advertise with Palmieri Concepts contact us. We offer an assortment of advertising options that include banner ads, text ads, and printed media.


Web Site advertising: Home page (limited space), 4 car show and event pages, and 3 partners pages (2 for automotive, 1 for pets).

  • Minimum advertisement is 3 months, paid upfront.
  • Discounts for 1 year subscriptions, and multiple page advertisements.
  • Home page advertisements are text only (1 link) at bottom of page (under advertisements heading).
  • Home page PREMIUM space is sometimes available for text or small banners- Limited availability
  • Non-home page advertisements can be text or banner ads- may be some limitations.
  • Depending upon the page, links are only allowed in the body or the bottom of the page, never in the heading areas or near Palmieri Concepts content..


Newsletter and email advertisement: Throughout the year, we email our customer base of thousands with product updates and helpful information. You can include a write-up for your company and products.

Flyer Advertisement: With each product we sell world wide, along with all of the car show events we attend (in the North East), we give out brochures advertising our products. The back of the brochure is available to advertise your company. Limited space, reserve yours now.

PRESS Releases: Ask for more information.



* No adult content, gambling sites, link farms, competitive content or any other sites that we do not approve.
* Web site ads run for a minimum of 3 months paid up front with discounts for 12 month subscriptions paid in advance.
* Discounts for multiple page advertisements.

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