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Business Services

Helping You Make Your Business A Success

Are you restoring, designing or selling cars?

Selling your vehicle at auction venues such as Barrett Jackson?

Make your vehicles stand out by adding a touch of sizzle to your campaign with our creative products.

Part of being successful in business is to capture the eyes of potential customers and get them interested in what you have to offer.

Palmieri Concepts will work with you, using using our years of experience to develop a successful marketing strategy.


Products available include custom advertisements for web pages and magazine publications, display boards and large size posters, flyers, brochures, picture files for your web page and other promotional material. Below are a few examples that we have done for some of our business clients.

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Attention Custom Car Builders and Restorers! Get Free Advertisement

Custom car Builders Image

Provide each of your clients with a show board when they purchase a car from you.

This is a great opportunity to get free advertisement when your clients display the board with YOUR information at shows.

These are just a few of the designs that we have created for well known custom builders, including a series of boards for SS Motorsports of Sarasota, FL (

Their cars have hit the auction hammer for 6 figures at well known auctions.

Our boards have a heritage with cars from Barrett Jackson, Atlantic City Auction, Carlisle Auto Auction, Hidden Gems Auction, numerous SEMA events, Ebay and many many others.


This are just a few of the many business clients that we have done work for. You will see examples of their projects on this page, and in other areas of this web site.

Frank Motors, Scottsbluff, NE
Karvajal Designs. Mt Vernon, NY -
Buckeye Automotive Restoration, Berlin center, OH -
Wagner Classic Cars, Bonner Springs, KS -
Mid West Classic Cars, Monroe NY -
Muscle Car Garage, Wayne, NJ -
MS Classic Cars, Portsmouth, RI -
SS Motorsports of Sarasotra, Sarasota, Fl -
Hot Rods Incorporated, New Milford CT -
Jeff Lilly Restoration, Helotes, TX -
Cal West Auto Air and Radiators, Valencia, CA -
Solid Works, Boxborough, MA -


Make your business stand out and be sure customers do not miss your sign!

Are your signs an eye catcher?

We can help you promote your business with eye-catching signs, flyers, and postcards.

custom designed car postcards

Our postcards are a great way to promote your business, or even sell a vehicle. Our postcards have been used at auctions to provide potential bidders with information about the vehicle, including when it will be up for auction. It gives them something to walk away with, and shows that you are serious about promoting your vehicle. Combine the postcard with a showboard to be even more effective.

Click here to Learn more about the postcards

Boards With Featured Cars at Barrett Jackson & Russo-Steele Auctions

These are just a few examples of 44 showboards that we designed for the 2008 & 2009 Barrett Jackson and 2009 Russo-Steele auctions. One of our major clients commissioned us to help market 30 of his 200+ collection of cars and the rest were for other major collectors.

The goal was to have a common theme for the showboards, postcards, and pictures, and to link all of the vehicles together as being offered by the same collector.

Barrett Jackson car show boards

CLICK here to learn more about what we did for our client at Barrett Jackson

For jobs that include showboards, we can even do custom background removals starting at $15 per picture.

Give your customers a calendar that they will remember you every day of the year.

Put your Logo, Vehicles, and anything else you want.

custom automotive calendar imagecustom car calendar

Jeff Lilly Restorations Custom car signs image

This great looking sign showcases the various vehicle types that this company designs and restores.

Chop Shop Customs Custom business signs image

Add your logo and favorite vehicle to promote your business.

Make a bunch of copies to give to your customers as a promotional advertisement.

We did custom a print for Custom car builder, Lenny Schaeffer at Chop Shop Customs, custom sign for Jeff Lilly Restorations, and multiple signs for Custom Fabrication Specialists "HOTRODS Incorporated".

Are you showcasing a featured vehicle at a major show?

For years we have assisted builders with signs for their vehicles.

Our boards have been with featured SEMA cars in 2006, 2007, and 2008

1969 Baldwin Motion Camaro  car showboard image

Example 44 -1969 Baldwin Motion Camaro featured at 2006 SEMA, TV American Muscle Series, and 3 issues of Super Chevy.

1969 Camaro car showboard image


Example 62 -1969 Extreme - SS Motorsports, featured at the 2007 SEMA show.

SEMA 2007 Dodge charger SRT8 Superbee-showboard

Example 99 - 2007 Dodge Charger SRT8 Superbee. 2008 SEMA featured vehicle.


Trying to sell your vehicle?

We will design custom flyers and postcards for you to promote your car. Get the attention your vehicle deserves prior to the bidding by handing our these eye catching flyers. These examples below are just a few designs that we have done. They were used to promote the vehicles at shows, and auctions and were handed out to potential buyers. These flyers are available in both an economical color copy print, or a high quality photographic print.

Custom car postcard auto postcard image

Custom 2 sided Postcards

MW Classic cars Barrett Jackson

Combine a show board with these custom flyers and potential buyers will be even more interested in your vehicle. This will show them that every aspect of your car, including the display is the best quality available!

Want an economical way to share pictures of your car?

Looking for a Nice give away?

This is the answer

Take your favorite picture or an image of your showboard and have a 4"x6" gloss print made to give out. This is an example done for the famous Herbie VW. This owner gives out these cool looking pictures at car events.

Was your vehicle Featured in a magazine?

Automotive Award plaque

Custom Magazine Feature plaques

We can design a custom poster or plaque just for you! Hang it on your wall, or display it at your next car show.


Incorporate our artwork into your own literature

We are flexible to meet your various needs. You can use our pictures (with specific written permission for this purpose) on your own designed event flyers. This is an example where our pictures (The Chevelle on flames, and the RS/SS Camaro) were incorporated into this auction flyer by the show coordinator.

1971 Chevelle 1970 camaro  show board



Need Company and Brand Recognition?

We have designed complete marketing packages that help clients know who you are, and what you offer, such as this poster and flyer campaign for 911 Design, a custom Porsche designer that provides servicing and track racing.

This is an example of custom artwork used to sell a $375,000 custom Porsche.

911 design FMP image

Create an entire sales and marketing package with a coordinated theme and provide company and brand recognition.

We can even do Billboard design like we did for this client of ours.


From fully custom business cards to posters we can create something just for you. Our work is something that your customer will display for years to come and not throw out.

custom business cards image

We will design stickers, magnets or other items with unique graphics just for your business


Did your employees work together a a team to compete a great project?

Remember to recognize them for their efforts.

solid works roadster image

Individual and Team Award Plaque make a great gift!

This client used this 20"x30" plaque mounted display board along with handout brochures designed by us for their major conference "SolidWorks 2007"

Additional work included custom a photography shoot (local customer) for their marketing department..

These gift plaques are 10x8 and made just like our show boards and given to each of the team members. One of the team members was not local, so some creative photo editing added him to the team picture, along with sitting in the car.



Self Publishers, Need a book cover?

We can help


We have helped self publishers with their book cover design. This is an example cover we did for for one of their many Ebooks and guides.


Show Promoters Need to promote your next big car show event?

Palmieri Concepts will design custom graphics and artwork to get the attention of spectators and participants.

Success of an event like this is not just attracting spectators, but attracting the vehicle owners. Use one of our custom posters in the newspapers, and for handouts and other media to make your show a success.

car show poster images

1970 mustang for sale image 1968 Mustang for sale

Trying to sell that classic car of yours? We can create a great picture that will make it stand out.

Put this picture in Auto Hunter, Want Advertiser, and even use this on Ebay. You can be sure that it will get the attention for a fast sale.


Terms & Conditions

Costs: When we initially engage we will provide you with pricing guidelines tailored to your project. For new clients we do require a deposit of 20% ($50 minimum). Payment in full is required is required when artwork is approved (prior to print, or emailing final files). Prints will not be made until the appropriate payments are received. Depending upon your need, there is an opportunity for discounted rates where Palmieri Concepts can jointly advertise (e.g. put the web site on the picture).

Commercial advertisement material can be offered with a variety of terms and conditions to meet you needs. Examples include: Complete ownership of all artwork for you to use any way you like, discounted rates for maintaining the, and in some cases for car clubs, basic show flyer artwork can be done for free with a Palmieri Concepts link/advertisement.


Pricing Guidelines

Each job will be individually quoted to meet your specific requirements. For business cards and flyers you will be emailed the source file (jpg, tiff, gif, etc.) so you can take it to your local print house and make as many copies as you wish. Source files are available upon request and will be quoted. When Palmieri Concepts provides you with the source file, you can use the file for the intended purpose (business card, flyers, web graphics) and make as many copies as you need. Artwork and copies will be quoted on a per job basis.

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