Ford Racing Boss 460 CI Engine in a 1970 Mach 1 Mustang

Final Pictures of Completed Car

Phase 1- Initial build started November 2013. Initially completed May 2014,

Phase 2 it has evolved into a Drag car - Started Winter 2016, and still going through a transformation

Overall Blog last updated 11-17-2017

On this page you can view the final build pictures and key pieces of information. Or you can click on the build blog below to see the progression of the build, and many more added details.

Best Timeslip so far: In the 9's

Showboards and all artwork designed by Custom Showboards.


This 1970 Boss 460 Mach 1 was featured on Ford Racing Website and the "Fast News From Ford Racing e-newsletter" Sept 11, 2014

Click here to view the article (3/4 way down the page).

Since the initial build the car has evolved from a 80% street car / 20% drag car, to what is now a 90% Drag race car / 10% street car.

This Blog will show the transformation of this car.

When the engine was first installed it had 550hp at 5500rpm and 561 lb-ft at 4400
Now 670hp at 6800rpm and 587 lb-ft at 5200. Comparing the dyno results from 2 years ago
old heads, cam, and intake, to show exactly what all of the recent modifications did. Blue/Green
new HP and TQ, Black/Red older HP/TQ.

 Latest Dyno Run Video From March 3, 2016

(Dyno work/Tuning at PK Machine, Fitchburg, MA)


Some of the many modifications done to support the added power in this undercarriage picture.

(Click here to see a full list of build items)

Undercarrage showboard design by


New England Dragway

Air under the tires

Another great new Englend Dragway Video

PHASE 1- Click (HERE) to see the progression of the build (blog), and many more added details.

PHASE 2 -If you want to jump ahead to the latest engine work that transformed the car to a Drag car, Click here


Pictures of the Original Completed Build with the car in stock looking form(click on the first picture to start)

The above build log shows the car set up for drag racing

ae1 ae2 ae3 ae4
ae1.jpg ae2.jpg ae3.jpg ae4.jpg
ae5 bi1 bi2 bi3
ae5.jpg bi1.jpg bi2.jpg bi3.jpg
bi4 bi5 bi6 bi7
bi4.jpg bi5.jpg bi6.jpg bi7.jpg
ct1 ct2 ct3 de1
ct1.jpg ct2.jpg ct3.jpg de1.jpg
de2 de3 de4 de5
de2.jpg de3.jpg de4.jpg de5.jpg
de6 de7 fu1 fu10
de6.jpg de7.jpg fu1.jpg fu10.jpg
fu11 fu12 fu13 fu14
fu11.jpg fu12.jpg fu13.jpg fu14.jpg
fu15 fu16 fu17 fu18
fu15.jpg fu16.jpg fu17.jpg fu18.jpg
fu19 fu2 fu20 fu3
fu19.jpg fu2.jpg fu20.jpg fu3.jpg
fu4 fu5 fu6 fu7
fu4.jpg fu5.jpg fu6.jpg fu7.jpg
fu8 fu9    
fu8.jpg fu9.jpg