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Custom Painting & Drawing Series Pictures

~~ Excellent Gift Idea ~~

If you are looking for something different, Palmieri Concepts can take an image of your home and create a back and white sketch like image or colored painting like image just for you. These pictures will definitely enhance your wall and be very unique and make a great gift idea. Remember that the picture is of your home, pet of other thing so most every detail will be in the final picture. The prints are high quality artwork printed on 8"x10" or 11"x14" matte finish paper. The colored series pictures have an added three dimensional effect making due to a special hand applied surface coating that creates brush strokes making it look like an artist spent many hours creating your one-of-a-kind picture.

Click here for a WATERCOLOR texture sample that shows a FLAT watercolor like brush texture, or a PAINT texture sample showing a GLOSSY 3-dimensional brush stroke.

We start with photographs of your home, then using computer graphic tools along with a hand applied surface coating we create the custom pictures below just for you. The pictures can be customized to include logos, text, or just about what ever you like.

These masterpieces will have your friends wanting one as well.

Available in 8" x 10" & 11" x 14" (most popular)

Holiday Card Files available for you to print as many copies as you like



To get started

1. Email us ( your photographs and we will do our magic! (For best results the picture should be at least 150 DPI and 4"x5" in size.)

2. We will review your pictures to make sure they are okay and will provide you a confirmation within 48 hours .

3. If they can be used, we will create a draft for your approval along with a PayPal invoice (other payment options available) typically within 5 business days.

4. Once we receive payment we will have the picture printed and shipped out to you typically within 3 business days. Holiday card files are emailed out in 24 hours max after payment (typically just a few hours).

NOTE: Draft print times and shipping times may be a few days longer as we get closer to the holiday season.

Start with a photograph of your home and transform it into a work of art!

From your photograph we can create one of these great looking masterpieces for you.


Charcoal Series - Looks like an artist spent hours capturing every shadow and detail of your home with the same charcoal smudged texture that an artist would create by hand. The charcoal series has softer look then the pencil series where different size pieces of charcoal make larger lines and enhanced effect by shadowing. This is printed on matte finish paper and looks great behind frosted glass or just mounted.

** Most popular black and white version **


Paint Series - Just like taking a paint brush and creating a masterpieces with every detail of your home. The paint series has the look and feel of an oil painting. It can not be seen on the picture here, but the surface has a special hand brush applied surface coating that produces a texture with a GLOSSY 3-dimensional brush stroke as you would see on a painting. CLICK HERE FOR A TEXTURE SAMPLE

** Most popular color version **

Pencil Sketch Series - These pictures have the same texture of a pencil drawn one where the artist applied different levels of pressure to create that sharp grainy pencil tip texture. The detail here has the shadowing and depth of texture that you would see an artist spend hours creating by hand. The pencil series is sharper than the charcoal series, like a pencil tip composed of many pencil strokes that form the picture. This is printed on matte finish paper and looks great behind frosted glass or just mounted.


Water Color Series - This seines maintains much of the original detail, however it has that watercolor effect with soft transitions from one element to the next. It can not be seen on the picture here, but the surface has a special hand brush applied surface coating creating a texture with a Semi-Gloss watercolor like brush texture as you would see on a watercolor painting. CLICK HERE FOR A TEXTURE SAMPLE


We can help you decide which series will look best for your home pictures. Depending upon the shadowing of your house and the landscaping, the Charcoal Series may look better than the pencil Sketch series. The same holds true for the Colored pencil and water Color series. Let us help you decide on the best way to create your unique artwork.

Note on Paint and Pencil series pictures: The brush applied coating is a hand applied process done in 3 steps to give the depth effect of an actual painting. This process simulates the surface texture of a brush strokes to make it look more like it was hand painted. The process will give a reflective and textured surface texture. This process will also cause the paper to have a slight curve or bend. Once mounted or framed behind glass the picture will flatten out. Some variance is expected since a real painting will have a similar surface.

For an added effect, it is recommended to mount the picture behind a frosted or textured glass. This will provide more of a three dimensional look.



Example Holiday Card

Taking your picture and converting it to the paint series we can create a custom holiday card image file that you can bring to your local Staples, Office max, CVS or other photo shop and create your own custom cards. All of your friends will love this card, since it will be your actual house. This is an example of a picture that was taken last winter and now looks like a card you would purchase in the store. The card size that we provide is 4"x5" at 150DPI, JPEG format that will provide photographic quality.

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This can also be done with pets, cars or any other picture that you have.


Even Cars


Additional Examples

Original Photograph

Charcoal Series

Paint Series

Pencil Sketch Series

Original Photograph

Paint Series

Water Color Series

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