Complete, numbers matching Boss 302
VIN #0F02G18xxxx


MCA Grand National Concours Gold September 2, 2018

This is a 1 of 1 Boss as factory optioned (per Marti Auto Works)

Restored to Ford assembly line original, with correct date coded parts, utilizing correct manufacturing techniques (as best I could). Full owners history, including pictures back from the 1970's, original Ford invoice and other original documentation.

Engine: 302 Boss - Original Block D0ZE-6015-C
· Original Holley 4150 780cfm Carburetor, Intake, Heads,
Distributor, Rev Limiter, Exhaust Manifolds, Smog System, etc.
· Custom Ross Pistons, floating wrist pins
· Custom Ground Crane Cam w/Roller Rockers
· .040” over, Blueprinted & Balanced Rotating Assembly

Transmission: Toploader 4-Speed Close Ratio(RUG-AW)

Rear End: Ford 9” Nodular 3:50 Tru-Trac (Posi, WFD-F)

Competition Suspension & Quick Ratio Power Steering

Built in Dearborn, MI on 5/14/70, and sold on 8/17/70
Original Price: $4109.45

Parnelli Jones with this Boss on June 14, 2003 at Ford's 100th Anniversary in Dearborn at Ford's World Headquarters

Rufus Parnell "Parnelli" Jones is a retired American racing driver and race car owner who raced a Boss 302 Mustang.



Larry Shinoda, The Boss 302 Designer

Larry took this picture and signed the hood on Sept 3, 1995 in Valley Forge, PA at the MCA Grand National Show. He previously signed the invoice October 22, 1994 at Cypress Gardens MCA show.

Lawrence Kiyoshi Shinoda was a noted American automotive designer who was best known for his work on the Chevrolet Corvette and Ford Mustang

Parnelli signed the original Owners Manual

Larry signed this judging sheet Sept 3, 1995 in Valley Forge, PA at the MCA Grand National Show.

Number 2 gate release from Lois Eminger

Marti Report and Statistics showing 1 or 1 built with these options





Build Sheet when found during the first restoration in 1994





Featured in Magazines after the first restoration

Detailed owners history


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When not being used, it is stored in a climate controlled garage and in a bubble off season.

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Pictures taken during the restoration, and up to August 2018

1 1b 1c 1d
1.jpg 1b.jpg 1c.jpg 1d.jpg
1e 1f 1g 2a
1e.jpg 1f.jpg 1g.jpg 2a.jpg
2c 2d 2e 3a
2c.jpg 2d.jpg 2e.jpg 3a.jpg
3a1 3b 3b1 3c
3a1.jpg 3b.jpg 3b1.jpg 3c.jpg
3d 3e 3f 3h
3d.jpg 3e.jpg 3f.jpg 3h.jpg
3i 3i1 3j 3k
3i.jpg 3i1.jpg 3j.jpg 3k.jpg
3l 3m 3n 3o
3l.jpg 3m.jpg 3n.jpg 3o.jpg
3p 3s 3s2 3t
3p.jpg 3s.jpg 3s2.jpg 3t.jpg
3u 3v 3w 3x
3u.jpg 3v.jpg 3w.jpg 3x.jpg
3y 3z 4a 4b
3y.jpg 3z.jpg 4a.jpg 4b.jpg
4c 4d 4e 4ee
4c.jpg 4d.jpg 4e.jpg 4ee.jpg
4f 4ff 4g 4gg
4f.jpg 4ff.jpg 4g.jpg 4gg.jpg
4h 4i 4j 4k
4h.jpg 4i.jpg 4j.jpg 4k.jpg
4l 4m 4n 4p
4l.jpg 4m.jpg 4n.jpg 4p.jpg
4q 4r 4s 4t
4q.jpg 4r.jpg 4s.jpg 4t.jpg
4t1 4t2 4u 4v
4t1.jpg 4t2.jpg 4u.jpg 4v.jpg
4w 4x 4y 4z
4w.jpg 4x.jpg 4y.jpg 4z.jpg
4zz 5a 5b 5c
4zz.jpg 5a.jpg 5b.jpg 5c.jpg
5d 5e 5f 5g
5d.jpg 5e.jpg 5f.jpg 5g.jpg
5h 5i 5j 6a
5h.jpg 5i.jpg 5j.jpg 6a.jpg
6b 6c 6d 6e
6b.jpg 6c.jpg 6d.jpg 6e.jpg
6f 6g 6h 6i
6f.jpg 6g.jpg 6h.jpg 6i.jpg
6j 6k    
6j.jpg 6k.jpg