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Reflections & Special Effects

1970 mustang image

Add a touch of sizzle with to your photo display with one of our "Reflections & Special Effects Series" images to create a custom, picture using your vehicle for unique photograph. We have selected a series of backgrounds that you can choose from to complement your vehicle and interests. Imagine your vehicle in one of these unique scenes displayed on your wall. Everyone will be wanting one just like it..

These are 11" x 14" (8x10 available) high quality photographic prints that are great for mounting in a frame, or hanging as is, with its complementary black and red (or other color) framed boarder.

Attention to every detail is what makes these pictures so unique. Your vehicle is the main focus, with a light reflection of it in the water. A subtle reflection of the background is then combined with your reflection adding to its uniqueness. Each and every picture is UNIQUE and one of a kind with your car.

It is recommended to use a full side picture of the vehicle for the reflection versions, however, some of the background also work well with a front and side quarter view as well. Some car angles look better with a slight shadow under it, versus a reflection. Below are the various backgrounds that you can select from, as well as a few example customer cars.


Any of the completed pictures on this page can be purchased as is, for the stock 11x14 price.

1970 mach 1 racing Flag Image

HW12 - Blasting Out Of Flag

1973 MGB with British flag Image

HW13 - British Flag

1970 Hemi Charger Rt image



1970 mustang image

HW3 - Fireworks with Reflection

2005 Mustang Image

HW3B - Fireworks Blasting Out Of Page

porsche Tee-shirt image

You can even put your custom picture on a T-shirt!

See our T-shirt page for more information.


1970 mustang image

HW1 - Balloons

1970 mach 1 image

HW2 - Barn


white mustang image

HW4 - Flag

white mach 1 image

HW5 - Farm

1970 ford image

HW6 - Island

Ford Mustang image

HW7 - Jet

white ford image

HW 8- Mountain

Mach 1 mustang image

HW9 - Ocean

Mustang image

HW10 - Sail Boat

HW11 - Palm Tree

HW14 - Flames

1957 Chevy in Clouds image

HW15 - Clouds


The pictures displayed on this web site are LOW Resolution. The final product (pictures, or source files) are photographic quality.

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